C X Lewis – Illustrator moving at the speed of light

Lewis is a talented illustrator with a passion for comics and animation. I’ve recently started to collaborate with him for my short film project which is to be done in the style of a animated graphic novel, this guy is fast, this is how we worked together for just the FIRST drawing ever for the storyboard in real time – http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=423798946440

Damn, am I glad I have him on my side. Always having an idea or two or a way to improve upon what you think is good to become awesome, keep your eyes out for this guy, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

His work can be found at – http://penultimatespring.daportfolio.com/

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Val Senan – Actor and parkour extraordinaire

Check this out: http://valsennan.wordpress.com/

Val Senan has been one of my closest friends for a long time. A mentor and friend as well as a partner in crime be it when we’re out or when we’re working as a team, talent and camera.

The leading man for parkour in Singapore, he keeps his skills versatile by not being a pretty face, but one that kicks ass and looks good while he’s at it.

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Action Film Artistes

Check this site out: http://actionfilmartistes.wordpress.com/

I’ve been working with these guys and had helped them with their portraits as well as videography on certain projects (check out the trailer for the feature film Monique that I’ll be posting up when its available).

After the independent film Steadfast AFA is getting more spotlight and screen time that they rightfully deserve.

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Serge and Manut – Photoshoot in St James Powerstation

Val had two friends from France over to Singapore to visit. Gifted athletes and great dancers, I did a photo shoot of them. We had access to St James Powerstation early on in the day and parts of Sentosa so I went about the venue to find good locations for the shots. I’m experimenting between black and white, colour and a dash in between.

Working with others ignite me. I look forward to seeing these two fine and talented gentlemen in the future.

On the top parapet

Serge and Manut lounging on the roof

Relaxing at home

Serge at home


Serge at home bnw

Manut at St James

Manut at St James

Lamp colour

Manut at st James bnw

The two dancers

Serge and Manut at st James

Under the lights

Serge and Manut at st James bnw

In the red room

Manut at st James

In the red room

Manut at st James bnw

Serge under the redlight

Serge at st James

Under the red light

Serge at st James bnw

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Kataragama – Culture shock is a short drive away

In the time I was in Sri Lanka, we went down to Kataragama, which was the spiritual center of the country. It was a place where many paid homage, and temples were abound, not just Buddhist temples, but Hindu temples as well. The place was deeply rooted in religion.

We were staying at a resort with a pool, great food and drinks which cost about the same amount as they did in Singapore. We stayed there for a night and went to take a look at the outskirts of the place. Some people were sleeping in drains, some were living in wooden huts and a five minute drive away was a resort. Gross imbalance of resources, but if you hold the money, you make the rules.

Exterior of the hut

Exterior of the hut

Radio station

The wall of the huts on the outside - love the radio station tag


The inside, love the cult of celebrity


A closer look inside

The pantry

The kitchen

Where they sleep

The bed inside the hut


A proud and vain group of women despite their conditions


The old lady of the village

Taking it easy

A boy standing outside his home

Husband and wife

Kataragama couple

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Sarungal – About Monks and Orphans

Late last year I went down to Sri Lanka on a humanitarian trip to raise awareness regarding poverty in the region. I stayed in a Buddhist temple with my host, Reverend Mithabani.

One week of vegetarian food, one week of living among the children and orphans opened up my eyes. Made me realise how little I needed and how much I wanted. Interestingly after many long, meaningful discussions with the reverend, we both realised that each of us was the antithesis of the other.

I’m working on making prints from the trip to hopefully raise funds and awareness to give the people in Sri Lanka ways and means to support themselves and grant them means to get out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

Kudos to Jun Wen for setting the gig up. I’ve learned more about myself and my craft and in the process be put in a position to have my photography be put to good use.

Yes the monks and I have different ways of going about our business and I’m not the holiest person this side of the hemisphere. But I’ll be damned if I don’t try making this end of the world a better place.

Monk sweeping

Monk sweeping the temple grounds

Before entering the temple

A believer washing a monk's feet before he enters the temple

Orphans at play

Orphans at play midday

Blowing his lungs out

And he huffed and he puffed

A lone child playing with his toy

An orphan boy with his newfound toy

Looking at my camera

Two monks enjoying a laugh

Crayon madness

Art in progress

In between the drawing

I love his smile

The reverend washing up

The reverend freshening himself by the stream

Flower close up

The flwer blooms in the morning and withers before noon


High priest altar

The monk

How adulated these monks are

Marching monks

Marching out with the offerings after the prayers are done


Wonder if they ever mix their laundry up

Monk folding robes

Moments as I learned the word Sarungal

Reverend and child

The reverend and an orphan in a quiet moment

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Anzac Day

On April 25th, 1915, the 2nd battalion Royal
Marines on board the SS RIVER CLYDE were
involved in the battle of Gallipoli. George Jaffrey
was one of 6 men who landed on the beach
without a scratch – he was my great grand dad.

At Mount Macedon

Minute of Silence at Mount Macedon

Respecting the fallen

During the moment of silence

The guard and the veteran

The guard and the veteran

The lone soldier

At the break of dawn

All services

Servicemen from all over

Proud navy

Proud navy

The veteran

The veteran

NCO taking time for a shot

Catching an NCE during a short break

Honouring the dead

Honouring the dead - three generations of warriors

Family gathering

Family gathering

Strength in each other

Bond of father and son

Lean on us

Lean on us

Chilling like a villain

The war vet relaxed and reclined

Weighed by medals

Weighed down by medals

The old and new

What our forefathers fought for

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