George Kamikawa – Japanese Cowboy

I walked down Bourke Street during my first year of university and saw him busking at the side of the road. I’ve never seen so many people watch one man do what he does best. I knew I had to photograph him, I was armed with my tiny little red file folio (ahhh the simpler beginning days) and approached him.

“Hi, my name is Daniel, I’m a photography student over at RMIT and I’d like to shoot you.”

He was warm, friendly and told me to head by to the Princess Hotel down by the street a few days later, he glanced through my work briefly.

I went to the venue, and bumped into him, he caught me before I did him which really impressed and embarrassed me, he was the one with the cowboy hat on incidentally at that time as well, so there…

This were shots I took of him while he was busking and would lead to bigger and better things. From a stranger on a street to one of my closest friends in Melbourne, so this shows it never hurts to say hi and go for what you want.

On the harp and guitar

Rapt on the blues harp and guitar

In between sets

George lounging between sets

The slide guitar

The slide guitar

Hoochie Coochie Man

Hoochie Coochie Man

Harp and slide guitar

Harmonica and slide guitar

Quiet moment before the set

The cowboy in full get up

The thinking cowboy

George the thinking cowboy

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