George Kamikawa on the Blues Train

The Blues Train is an event that happens between August and May. Imagine an old steam train, with 4 carriages housing 200 passengers, with one Blues act per carriage, it goes down along Queenscliff and rides through the evening over dinner, beers and a hearty crowd.

George was one of the musicians playing that night and he invited me over, I leaped on the chance and took my camera with me. Many great bands and good food was abound. I’ll never forget how the crowd was in that tiny carriage as it rocked side to side and George wowed everyone with his skills.

Unforgettable night.

Outside the Blues Train

George outside the Blues Train

At the station of Queenscliff

George at the station of Queenscliff where the Blues Train starts

Geoge by the tracks

By the tracks as the sun sets

By the Blues Train

By the Blues Train

CD Cover for his second album Sliding Days

The album cover for George's CD, Sliding Days

George wowing the crowd

George wowing the crowd

Sliding on the guitar

Sliding on the guitar

Kamikawa on the harp

George on the harmonica

George with intention

Musical intent


George hitting the right notes


Shooting from the neck of the guitar


Clearer shot with the face and guitar in frame

Low angle shot

George from the low angle

Good timing

George basking in the music

On the road again

On the road again as one show finishes and another goes on

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3 Responses to George Kamikawa on the Blues Train

  1. Great series of shot!
    And I love that guitar 😀

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