Kataragama – Culture shock is a short drive away

In the time I was in Sri Lanka, we went down to Kataragama, which was the spiritual center of the country. It was a place where many paid homage, and temples were abound, not just Buddhist temples, but Hindu temples as well. The place was deeply rooted in religion.

We were staying at a resort with a pool, great food and drinks which cost about the same amount as they did in Singapore. We stayed there for a night and went to take a look at the outskirts of the place. Some people were sleeping in drains, some were living in wooden huts and a five minute drive away was a resort. Gross imbalance of resources, but if you hold the money, you make the rules.

Exterior of the hut

Exterior of the hut

Radio station

The wall of the huts on the outside - love the radio station tag


The inside, love the cult of celebrity


A closer look inside

The pantry

The kitchen

Where they sleep

The bed inside the hut


A proud and vain group of women despite their conditions


The old lady of the village

Taking it easy

A boy standing outside his home

Husband and wife

Kataragama couple

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